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AET Associates, Inc., provides you with advanced technical expertise in the field of microwave technology. AET Associates, Inc., offers you sophisticated design services. We provide a variety of designs ranging from RF and microwave components to ultra high-speed printed circuit boards. We can tailor services or products to meet your specific requirements. Please contact us for details.

Microwave Device Design and Analysis:
Microwave Cavity
LTCC Module
TRX Module Design
PBG Structure
Ferrite Device
Accelerator Design:
Electron Accelerators
Ion Accelerators
RF Guns
Signal Integrity and EMI Analysis:
High-speed Interconnect Modeling
High-speed Buses and Backplane
Characterization of LSI Packages
Mixed-domain Analysis for Gigabit Circuits
EMI Analysis for PCB and Enclosure
Broadband Antenna Design and Analysis:
UWB Antenna
Microstrip Patch Antenna
Array Antenna
Horn Antenna
Embedded Antenna
SAR Analysis
Antenna Isolation Analysis
Microwave Dielectric Measurement Service:
Substrate Materials for High-speed Circuits
Low Loss Dielectrics of Filters and Antennas
Thin Film Materials
Semiconductor Materials
E-Beam, Ion Sources and X-Ray Tube Design:
Electron Gun
Ion Sources
X-ray Tube


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