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AET Associates, Inc. provides a variety of electron accelerators, RF electron guns and beam monitors to Stanford Linear Accelerator Center in the U.S., and to various research institutes and companies in the world.

Synchrotron Injector

With the experience of producing accelerator components for many years, AET has successfully developed a 50MeV electron linear accelerator for an injector of booster synchrotron for the Central Japan Synchrotron Radiation Facility. The linear accelerator can supply electron beams of 1ns pulse width and 1nC charge to the synchrotron. It is compact enough to be installed inside the synchrotron. All components which constitute the linear accelerator and the beam transport system are installed in the area within 5m x 11m.

Beam Energy>50MeV
Energy Spread<+/-0.5%
Pulse Width<1nsec
Unnormalized Emittance<2πmm mrad

Compact Accelerator

The compact accelerator developed by AET has a maximum beam energy of 50MeV and an acceleration length of 70cm or less, and is able to accelerate in high electric fields. It has not only contributed to research of a free electron laser, synchrotron radiation, and Compton scattering but also in the medical field such as in radiation therapy and sterilization for medical devices, and for nondestructive inspection. It has been utilized in various fields ranging from medical treatment to nuclear fusion.

Microwave/RF Electron Gun

AET has researched and developed a microwave/RF electron gun with a thermionic cathode, a triode structure and a micro miniature microwave/RF electron gun using a coaxial resonator. The triode microwave/RF electron gun is an epoch-making product which is able to eliminate the back bombardment phenomenon, reduces emittance of the electron beam and enables control of pulse width simultaneously. Moreover, the new type micro miniature microwave/RF electron gun with diameter of 5mm can be applied as the electron or X-ray source for industrial and medical treatments.



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