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Human body equivalent phantom in low-frequency, microwave, and millimeter-waves
  • Evaluation of interactions between the human body and mobile devices, RFID tags, medical devices, and wireless EV charging systems, etc.
  • Evaluation of SAR by thermography as well as by thin probes
  • Mimicking dielectric constants of human tissues over the wide frequency range from Low-frequency to millimeter wave
  • Elastic semisolid materials and filling gel phantoms
  • Evaluation of wearable and implantable wireless devices
Semisolid phantom prototype for millimeter waves Comparative evaluation of the semisolid phantom prototype by AET and the broadband frequency characteristics
Characteristics of Biological Tissue Equivalent Phantoms Applied to UWB Communications
[in Japanese]Takimoto Takuya, Ito Koichi et al.
IEICE Transactions on Communications B Vol.J88-B No.9
Frequency characteristics of a 2/3 muscle equivalent phantom electric constant
Development of Biological Tissue-Equivalent Phantom in HF BandIto Koichi et al.
EICE Transactions on Communications B Vol. J96-B No.9 pp. 964-970
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