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X-ray and radioactive devices developed by AET, are widely utilized for medical, industrial and research use. The Miniature X-ray Source can accelerate electron beams in a high-gradient electric field, to produce X-rays. Dose Calibrators are utilized for radioactive examinations and treatments in the medical industry.

Miniature X-ray Source

The Miniature X-ray Source, an innovative technology developed by AET, can accelerate electron beams in a high-gradient electric field by a miniature X-ray tube, to produce X-rays. The Miniature X-ray Source consists of a high-voltage short pulse generator and a miniature X-ray tube with a carbon nanotube cathode, which has been developed using high-voltage and ultra-short pulse technology.
Applications include usage in medical treatment, research and industry such as non-destructive inspection. Because of its small size, the Miniature X-ray Source has enabled whole new applications. It is also possible to extract only electron beams through a vacuum thin film.

Dose Calibrators

All types of dose calibrators manufactured by Capintec, Inc., provide advanced features, added speed and accuracy to measure activity levels and doses. Functions like automatic zero, background subtraction, dose calibration quality control test and self-diagnostics are built-in features of the CRC-25PET,55tPET dose calibrator. The CRC-55tW dose calibrator has the capability to perform dose calibration, wipe tests and lab tests all in one unit. The CAPRAC-R dose calibrator performs auto calibration and system QC, while providing a selection of counting periods from 6 to 1800 seconds.



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